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Saturday, 21 August 2010



Author: SavvyBlogger

Blogging is fun. Many people use their blogs to talk about their daily struggles in life. People write about their pets and other a thousand and one issues.

However, not everybody blogs for the sake of fun or as a hobby. Some people blog to make a living. People have been able to earn some good income online with little knowledge of HTML.

Nobody would say no to a good income especially when it comes from something you like doing. Many people use the various affiliate programs to earn an income. So far the result has been good. People are raking in more money than they have any right to from the good old blogs.

So when is the right time to introduce ads to your blog? Some people will introduce them to their blogs even before they have ten posts. By then you are getting about 20 hits a day. You rarely get anything worth writing home about, or even worth your efforts.

Actually adverts in a blog that is not yet established are a complete turn off. Build some readership before introducing ads to your blog. If you introduce adverts before you even get 100 feed burner readers you are not going to earn anything anyway. In fact you might be pushing the few readers you have away. You don't want that if you have a new blog.

Work on your blog first. Optimize it for the search engines. Market your blog well. Build a mailing list. Write good articles. Establish some authority in your niche. Then introduce adverts to your blog.

By then you will be able to reap something from your efforts. Remember retribution comes after effort, not the other way round. Earning money online is not something that happens overnight. It is something you work for.

When you feel like it is time you introduce ads to your blog you can choose the top affiliate programs. Most people use Google Ad sense but you can also use Yahoo Ads, Chitika, Bidvertiser, or even Adbrite. 

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