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Thursday, 19 November 2009

How to Increase Blog Traffic

How to Increase Traffic to your Blog

Increasing traffic to your blog isn,t easy and there are thousands of sites that claim to show you how to increase traffic to your blog. I found this video with some very good tips on increasing traffic to your blog.
Check it out then give them a try.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

5 Ways To Increase Google Adsense Earnings

Google Adsense Page Navigation
Increasing Google Adsense Earnings

There are many ways to increase your adsense earnings, but finding the right way that helps you, can be a minefield. I came across this video that (in my opinion) gives 5 great ways to help increase your google adsense earnings. So watch the video and try them out and see if they can help increase your adsense earnings. If you know of any other ways to help increase adsense earnings please leave a comment and help others with their adsense earnings.

Help Prevent Click Fraud

Need Further Help With Adsense Earnings

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Monday, 16 March 2009

Add Social Bookmarking to Blogger

Adding A social Bookmarker To Blogger

In the blogging world Social Networking is crucial and having a Social Bookmark button in your blog is a must. Sites such as Digg, Technorati, Stumbleupon and Twitter can send you a lot of traffic, if used properly .Having the ability on your blog for your visitors to submit your site without leaving is also important, so check this out and get installing a Social Bookmark button now.

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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Magical Meta Tags

Magical Meta Tags

Some Seo experts say that meta data tags are of no use anymore, but others believe that some search engines do still pay attention to them. Meta tags can be a helpful way for you to let search engines know what your blog is about, keywords that you wish to be listed for and various other pieces of information.
Adding meta tags to your blog won,t do you any harm and may well help you with SEO and traffic in the long run.

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Creating A Google and SEO friendly Blog

With some small tips and hints you can create Seo and Google friendly pages in your blog. You don,t have to be an SEO master to do this and just by paying attention to how you use keywords, page titles and tags can help you rank well in not only Google but in other search engines too.

Optimizing your Bog for Traffic

Optimizing A Blog For Traffic

There are many ways to optimize your blog to attract traffic, especially from search engines. To accomplish perfect SEO is no small feet, but even a novice can Optimize their blog to help the search engines send a flood of traffic to their site.

Removing The Blogger Nav Bar

Sometimes when viewing your blog the blogger nav bar can be very distracting. This video shows you the method for removing the blogger nav bar.

Customizing A Blogger Template

Learning to customize your blogger template is an essential part of blogging, and if you are going to rank well in search engines you must have at least, have a little understanding of how to customize your blog template.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Google Analytics

Adding Google Analytics to Your Blog

Google Analytics is Google's free service that lets you track visitors to your websites and blogs from easy-to-use interface.

1. Login to google Anylytics.
2. Add your blogs URL as a website profile.
3. Select timezone and country.
4. Highlight the HTML code that Google provides by pressing Ctrl+C

Now to add the code to your blog.

1. Login to your blog.
2. Click on Layout, then click on Edit HTML.
3. Scroll down to the end of the template and the final body tag paste the code by pressing Ctrl+V and click save.

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Changing Blogger Title Tags

Change Title Tags for better SEO

The title tags for each page of your Blogger blog will show the blog name first, and then your post name.

Blogger have a simple way to fix this problem and it,s really easy just copy the following instructions:

1. On the blogger dashboard got to Layout, then edit HTML.

2. At tho top of the template HTML locate the tag

3. Now replace this tag with this one

Now when your blog loads your post title will be shown instead of your blogs name.

You now have an increased chance of the search engines picking up your posts for their title which should contain your keyword, which in turn will mean more traffic.

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Adsense Account

Signing up to Adsense Program

Now that you have your google and blogger account it,s time to sign up to the adsense program. After this video we can start to put everything together for your blog.

Blogger Account

Getting your First Blog Up and Running

Start your free blog with blogger and in this video you will see just how easy it is to start your first blog.

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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Google Account

How to set up your Google account

Setting up your google account is a simple task, and it will be your first step on the road to blogging for free, so watch the video and make a start.

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